About Me

self introduction

let me introduce my self first!

My name is  Syeda Rubab Zehra Zaidi. I’m 30 years old and i’m  software engineer.i’m very much hardworking as i believe

“Hard work pays off… ” Its pretty true and this quote inspires me a lot..

I have so many visions to work on including website blogging as well as i keep doing other different researches and whenever i find something attractive and new i blog it in my website.I have three main categories to write on,

1-zodiac sign



but  i am very much into zodiac signs  i love reading and  getting information about zodiac and i believe zodiac sings have much more effects on our lives so i write about zodiac and about other topics with core of my heart and with pure soul because everyone should follow the truth because once you lost the trust people do in you…, you are not going to get it again..

So become a blogger and freelancer was  dream of my open eye

i started follow my dream to different platforms and gained much more experience. I started work as free lancer and many other platforms i worked as blogger and content writer then i therefor started my own blogging website where i can commit to create and promote your idea your thoughts your imaginations etc of all ages



The vision of my hard work is to provide you the fair and truth based guide ,information and tools so that you can plane better and clear vision to create greater enjoyment and fulfillment in your life this year and ever after…!

kind regards,

syeda rubab zehra zaidi

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